Chesham Bootcamp

Gyms In Chesham Bootcamp 5 – Cardiovascular Workout – Jan/Feb 2014

This is Bootcamp number 5 for the Absolute Body Confidence indoor/outdoor Boot camp based in Ashley Green Just out side Berkhamsted and Chesham. Boot camp 5 is a Cardiovascular session and is focused on burning calories and improving the fitness of your heart and lungs. This bootcamp is not about running to get out of breath. You are going to use your whole body improving all round fitness or your arms, legs and tors
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Gyms in Chesham Boot camp 4 – Weight Training – Jan/Feb 2014

Weight training is a key component to the longevity of your body and to your weight loss results. There many benefits to doing a properly structured weight training programme as part of your health and weight loss journey which is why we always have weight training in our boot camp programme as we want the best of heath for you and are results focused. On this weight training Boot camp there are two exercises at each
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