Gyms in Bovingdon

Gyms In Chesham Bootcamp 1 – CV Workout – Jan/Feb 2014

[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxxnALtbeu8] Kicking of the 2014 Absolute Body Confidence boot camps is a full boy Cardiovascular workout to burn off the excesses over the last couple of weeks. Cardiovascular workouts work your heart and your lungs. If done correctly you will burn tones of calories both during and after completing this workout. We have also designed it so that your body will get stronger and stronger
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Absolute Body Confidence Gyms in Chesham Bootcamp 6 – Nov-Dec 2013 – Th Egyptian

This is a ‘time pyramid’. The time each exercise is performed increases each time the bootcamper complete the circuit. I named this Bootcamp the Egyptian as it is a pyramid style work out… Well kind of… This workout is a high intensity bootcamp that does not require any equipment. Once you have learn’t it there is no excuse not to train when your Snowed in or on holiday as you will have a quick, KICK ASS
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Absolute Body Confidence Chesham Bootcamp 5 – Nov-Dec 2013 – The Mutli-Drirectional

This Chesham Boot camp is all about your results but has the added dimension to it of getting you to move your body in a great range so that you are ‘functionally’ strong, (strong in different ranges of motion). Doing this will challenge every muscle in your body as well as your CORE! Each base has two exercises that you will swap between. Depending on numbers you will work a partner getting to know other
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Absolute Body Confidence Chesham Boot camp 4 – Nov-Dec 2013 – Could Have Been A Contender

To completed the Contender you are going to work with a partner. This bootcamp contains some very basic boxing where you will be hitting focus pads. This is where your partner come in as they are going to hold the pads so that you can hit them. Partners are provided so all you need to bring is yourself! Your are going to work on each of the exercises bases below for three minutes before having one minute recovery. Th
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Absolute Body Confidence Bootcamp 2 Nov-Dec 2013 – Join The Tour

In this circuit your going to use the indoor cycle bikes to do so ‘HIIT’, High Intensity Interval training, there are numerous weight loss and health benefits to this type of training, to many to go in to detail here as I know you are excited about the workout! So, lets crack on… You are going to need an indoor cycle bike but you don’t need to bring one we have plenty 😉 Your are also going to
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Absolute Body Confidence Bootcamp workout 1 Nov-Dec 2013

Underground Strength Training Here at Absolute body confidence we are always using different equipment in different ways to make your body a calorie burning furnace while keep exercise fun or at least imaginative. The bootcamp below is one such workout where you will use tires, kettle bells, and weight training bars in different ways to give you a top notch workout! This Absolute Body Confidence Bootcamp  has 2 fat m
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The 7 Exercises that I DON’T Recommend – Exercise 2: Leg Extension

The second machine in the rant… I mean series of articles is the Leg Extension machine. This machine isolates the contraction of the Quadriceps (quads), the muscles in the front of the thigh. In general isolation exercises are BAD… It’s very rare that you want to teach a muscle to work in isolation. All muscle work synergistically with other muscle. This teamwork between the muscles is known as the kinetic chain. Whe
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The 7 Exercises that I DON’T Recommend – Exercise 1 The Leg Press Machine

Here at Absolute Body Confidence Clare and I often recommend to the people we see from Berkhamsted, Chesham and Bovingdon that they should start or increase the amount of exercise they are doing. There are some exercises that we don’t advise and these articles titled ‘The 7 exercises that I don’t recommend’, cover some of these exercises and the reasons why we don’t recommend them. Not a
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