Absolute Body Confidence Chesham Boot camp 4 – Nov-Dec 2013 – Could Have Been A Contender

To completed the Contender you are going to work with a partner. This bootcamp contains some very basic boxing where you will be hitting focus pads. This is where your partner come in as they are going to hold the pads so that you can hit them.

Partners are provided so all you need to bring is yourself!

Your are going to work on each of the exercises bases below for three minutes before having one minute recovery. The odd numbered bases 1, 3, 5 and 7 are punching bases. Bases 2, 4, 6 and 8 are exercises bases. There are 2 exercises per base. The bootcampers swap exercises every 30 seconds in month one and 45 second in month two.

Warm up

The warm up for this circuit comes in the form of agility game.

  • Stuck in the mud
  • ‘IT’
  • Knee tap / belly tap game
  • kiss chase… Mmm maybe not….

The knee tap and belly taps games are were you try to score points against your partner by tapping their knees or their belly. Your job is to score more points than your partner just like in a boxing match… No Knock outs please!

The Workout

Base 1) Both you and your partner wear boxing gloves and take it in turns to hold the bag or to punch the punch bag as hard and as fast as they can. As soon as partner 1 ebbs they stop and partner two has a go swap again and again until the end of 3 minutes… 100% effort need here!

Base 2)

A) Press ups up/down ladder

B) Skipping

Base 3) 20 fast punches, 20 power punches (only one partner works on this base as repeated for second partner)

Base 4)

A) Dumbbell punching

B) Cross climbers

Base 5) As base three but other partner does the punching

Base 6) Shield wars (Partner tries to push the other out of the designated zone swap every 30 seconds)

Base 7) Odd pads – Partners have 1 pad and 1 glove each from a set. One wears the right glove and the left pad and the other the left glove and the right pad. Partner 1 punches to partner 2’s pad and then partner 2 punches to partners 1’s pad.

Base 8)

A) dumbbell piston row

B) jump lunges up/down ladder

FINISHERS – If you have spare time use the following drill and exercises to finish.

1) multidimensional punches, 1 to 10 run and punches across the room

2) ladder chase, hurdles drills

3) partner sit ups with high 5’s

4) bear crawls, crab walk

Could you have been a contender? If you think so come and join this session. Hitting pads and bags is a great way to get fit and to take out any stress you maybe feeling from the day!


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