Absolute Body Confidence Gyms in Chesham Bootcamp 6 – Nov-Dec 2013 – Th Egyptian

This is a ‘time pyramid’. The time each exercise is performed increases each time the bootcamper complete the circuit.

I named this Bootcamp the Egyptian as it is a pyramid style work out… Well kind of…

This workout is a high intensity bootcamp that does not require any equipment. Once you have learn’t it there is no excuse not to train when your Snowed in or on holiday as you will have a quick, KICK ASS body weight bootcamp up your sleeve!

When you do this Boot camp per form the exercises back to back with no rest.  Once you have complete the list of exercises take one whole minute to rest!

When you perform each exercise for the first time do them for 10 seconds as hard as you can! The second time through each exercise is performed for 20 seconds. Third time for 30 seconds. The forth for 40 seconds. The Fifth, 40 seconds again. Sixth time 30 seconds, Seventhth 20 seconds and the eighth 10 seconds. BOOM! Done…

The whole workout is only 27 minutes including rest.

  1. Suicides
  2. Power jacks
  3. Press ups
  4. Cross Climbers
  5. Seated Punches
  6. Full body crunches

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