Absolute Body Confidence Gyms in Chesham Bootcamp Cardio 2 Sept – Oct 2013

Short Field Intervals

Time to make the best of the end of the good weather and get outside for a bit with this High Intensity Interval Training session (HITT).

This workout is very simple but effective. Like with the Tabata training it’s critically importnat that you work at your maximum effort and not at 80 or 90% of what you are capable of. To help you work at your maximal capacity we are starting with a low number of intervals and increasing them over the weeks getting you used to working at your maximum capacity!

Your going to work with your training partner as with the weigh training sections one works while the other is resting.

Partner 1 sprints approx 40 metres cross the grass to the concrete strip and then back again giving partner 2 a high five.

Partner 2 then sprints across the field. Repeat as many times as specified in the table below.

Throughout the weeks you will increase the number of intervals that you are going to do. This is so that you change the training stimulus and increase the pressure on your body to change.

Period Number of sprints to be completed
Week 1 – 2 3
Week 3 – 4 4
Week 5 – 6 6
Week 7 – 8 8