Absolute Body Confidence Gyms in Chesham Bootcamp Cardio 3 Sept – Oct 2013

Killer Step Session

This Bootcamp training session only requires 1 piece of equipment… The aerobic step!

Your mission should you choose to except it is to complete the 5 exercises as fast as possible so that you can do as many time round the circuit as possible in the time given you.

Ensure that you complete the specified number of repetitions of each exercise with good form before moving onto the next exercises. Once all the exercises are complete have 1 minutes rest and then start again. If you in the bootcamp then your Personal Trainer will tell you how many repetitions you are to perform the length of rest and the over all time of this section.

Exercise Number of reps
Fast Step up 20 on each side
Lateral jump overs 20 total
Burpees 12
Tricep dips 10 – 20
Cross climbers 10 – 20


Rest period between circuits

Period Rest time
Weeks 1 – 2 1 minutes between circuits
Weeks 3 – 6 45 seconds between circuits
Weeks 7 – 8 30 seconds minutes between circuits