Absolute Body Confidence Gyms in Chesham Bootcamp Cardio 4 Sept – Oct 2013

Bootcamp Cardio Punching

Your gonna need a partner for this one. Someone to hold the focus pads while you hit them. Drills and descriptions are below. If you are doing this with friends then always place safety first, hit across your self your left hand to your partners left and right hand to right hand. Makesure your partner is ready before you start hitting and understands the drill and what is required if them.

Bootcamp cardio punching drills;

Drill Description Timing
4 Punches 90* turn Padman holds the pads while puncher completes 4 straight punches. Padman then turn 90 or 180* in any direction. Puncher run round in the direction the padman turned. Once in front of the pads eh completes 4 stright punches. Padman turns again. Week 1 – 4 / 40 sec then swap x 3Week 5 – 6 / 60 sec then swap x 3 

Week 7 – 8 / 120 sec then swap x 3

1 – 10 punches Padman holds the pads, puncher runs to the end of the room and back and compeletes 1 jab cross combo. Runs to the end of the room and back and completes 2 jab cross combo’s. Continues to build up to 10 combo’s and then partners swap and the other goes. N/A
Tabata Punching See tabata protocal See tabata timings