Absolute Body Confidence Gyms in Chesham Bootcamp Cardio 5 Sept – Oct 2013

Slow Steady Run

With this cardio workout your job is to maintain a stead run pace so that you can complete the amount of time without stopping.

It has been my discovery that most people don’t like running and feel like it’s hard work but this is because they start way to fast!

If you start to fast you will be in an anaerobic state (with out air) and will fatigue rapidly, be out of breath and generally uncomfortable.

If your an unwilling running start running at a walking pace and see how you feel after 5 minutes. Once you have start to warm up you’ll be able to increase your pace. Stay relaxed and it will be a lot easier, you may even find that you enjoy it.

If your in the bootcamp you’ll be given instruction on efficient running form to reduce injuries and make you more efficient. Again many people who learn the art of running quickly start to love their new found freedom!

You can’t run from it the human body was Born to run… 😉

If your in the bootcamp record the number of laps that you have competed. Next time try and beat this score by maintaining a higher average speed, NOT going off faster.