Absolute Body Confidence Gyms in Chesham Bootcamp Cardio 6 Sept – Oct 2013

Speed Agility Relay

This workout is all about speed and agility over small agility hurdles. By performing the drills quickly as possible in short intense bursts you get a high intensity interval training workout with the added benefits of increasing your core stability through movement and the stability of the joints of the lower leg as well and your overall agility… Bonus!

This session is best done outside in teams of 2 – 4 people. Each team needs 6 – 8 hurdles. You set up the speed agility hurdles about 1 step apart. Once you have done this complete the exercises below. You do this by taking turns to go down the hurdles in a relay race formation. You go then the 2nd person in the team, then the 3rd and finally the 4th. You go 4 time each with each exercise.

  • Deadleg run
  • Lateral run
  • Jump overs
  • Icky shuffle
Period Length Number of goes
Weeks 1 – 2 2 lengths each 4
Weeks 3 – 4 4 lengths each 4
Weeks 5 – 6 5 lengths each 4
Weeks 7 – 8 6 lengths each 4