Gyms in Berkhamsted Boot camp 3 – CV Workout – Jan/Feb 2014

This is an intense Cardio workout designed to get your whole body working hard. You be working every muscle in your body making them all burn calories as well as giving your heart and lungs a great workout.

This is a partner based workout but a partner is not essential you can perform the workout on your own if you prefer. With some of the bases you will be working hard while your partner rests and then they’ll be working hard while you rest. On other stations there are 2 exercises for you both to swap between.

Month 1 – In month one you will be working on each exercise for 30 seconds. Once the time is complete you will either be resting and recovering or will be changing to a second exercise. You will per for each exercise 3 times so the workout time will be 32 minutes. Add in 10 minutes for a warm and and 5 for a cool down and you’ll still have a little time in the first month for some core or abdominal training.

Month 2 – Your going to up your game in month 2 and perform each exercise for 45 seconds! You will still repeat each exercise 3 times but now the circuit will take you about 44 minutes to complete.

Bootcamp 3 2014 CV Training

Bootcamp 3 2014 CV Training