Gyms In Berkhamsted Boot camp 6 – Weight Training – Jan/Feb 2014

BOOM! Bootcamp 6, This is a weight training Bootcamp workout that will get your body in shape! Complete this workout a couple of times and your feel the difference in your Arms, Chest, Leg and Bum!

There are two excessed at each station in this workout. You will swap between the exercises performing each exercised 3 times. As there are two exercises per station you have the opportunity of either working on your own or with a partner for a more sociable workout.

Month 1 (January) – You are going to perform each exercise for 30 seconds before swapping to the second exercise on your station. Each exercise is repeated 3 x before moving on to the next station. You have 1 minute rest between bases. During this minute you will need to ensure that the exercises you are moving onto are the right weight for you. One of our Personal Training team will be on hand to ensure that you get the techniques and the weight right for you. The Circuit will take 32 minutes to complete. We have designed it so that you ca get a little HIIT after the weigh training to supercharger your results!

Month 2 (February) – In this month you will increase you time on each exercise to 45 seconds, therefore increasing the challenge to your body keeping you moving towards your results. The circuit will take 44 minutes so there will be no interval training at the end. This mean you need to focus on getting as much out of each exercises as you possible can!

Bootcamp 6 Weight training

Bootcamp 6 Weight training