Gyms in Chesham Boot camp 4 – Weight Training – Jan/Feb 2014

Weight training is a key component to the longevity of your body and to your weight loss results. There many benefits to doing a properly structured weight training programme as part of your health and weight loss journey which is why we always have weight training in our boot camp programme as we want the best of heath for you and are results focused.

On this weight training Boot camp there are two exercises at each station. You can perform the exercises on your own or with a partner if you also want the boot camp session to be social as well.

Month 1 (January) – Month one will see you working on each for 30 seconds and performing the exercise 3 times before moving onto the next station. You’ll have a whole minute between the stations so that you can ensure that you know the technique and have the right amount of weight for you to lift. A personal Trainer will be on hand to assist and ensure that you have it all right. The Circuit will take you around 32 minutes if keep to the above timings. Include 10 minutes to warm up and 5 to cool down you will still have a bit of time to get your heart rate sky high using some HIIT, (High intensity interval training).

Month 2 (February) – In month 2 you will swap every 45 seconds. The circuit will therefore take 44 minutes. With a 10 min warm up and 5 min cool down you’ll not have to worry about the HITT!

Chesham Boot camp 4 - weight training Jan-Feb 2014

Chesham Boot camp 4 – weight training Jan-Feb 2014