Absolute Body Confidence Challenges You

To The 90 Day Weight Loss Bootcamp Challenge


Don’t take a out a gym membership this year! Don’t make the mistakes

that 1000’s around the country will or the same mistake you have made in

the past!

Come and work with us for 90 days!

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Don’t bit off more that you can chew, Just 90 days and see what you can accomplish with a little;

  • Accountable for your results
  • Expert exercise tuition every session
  • A structured exercise programme rather than being left to your own devices
  • Top notch diet and nutrition information
  • Success coaching to help you generate the health habits you need for success

Many people join a gym, only using it for the first month or so. They never get the results they want and waist their money in the process!

This year do it differently!

Come and work with the Absolute Body Confidence Bootcamp team. We have classes running early morning, mid morning and evenings, we have a bootcamp session at a time that will suit you!

Don’t worry about the cold as at this time of year the sessions are indoors!

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Before you start on your 90 day boot camp journey to success one of the team will spend an hour with you one on one discussing any injuries and health issues that you may have. Any worry’s you have about doing our bootcamp. We will also weight you and take other key indicators that are measurable to ascertain your progress through the 90 Boot camp Challenge. We will reassess you as often as possible through out the 90 days so that your are tracking your progress.

Expert Tuition

All our bootcamp instructors and qualified level 3 personal trainers so you will get expert tuition in every session. You won’t have to guess or walk up to any of the team and ask embarrassingly whether you are doing the exercise right or whether they could just show you this one exercise again as we will be with you every step of the way. Ensuring you’re doing everything correctly. If you need some extra help you can always book a Personal Training session as we’ll iron out any bums you might have in one of our private personal training studios.

Structured Training Programme

Our Bootcamp is a structured weight loss and health training program rather than just running and press ups in a field or sitting on a distance machine in a gym wonder why the hell you are sitting there!

We have our own facility therefore we have the space to bootcamp indoors and can design highly effective fat melting exercises programmes. Our training includes weight training for increasing your metabolism so that you lose weigh an gain a toned attractive body shape and cardio sessions that will burn tones of fat from your body and bullet proof your heart.

All sessions are prewritten and instructor led so you’ll never have to guess what you are supposed to be doing on any given day. Just turn up and train, we will do the rest!

Diet and Nutrition

Although the exercises session will get you body burning more fat and will give you strong toned muscles you also need to approach your health for the dietary perspective. Approaching the problem from 2 fronts gives you twice the success. We have 2 prorgamme that you can follow depending on your goals and lifestyle. We will walk you through our whole food nutrition programme and the meal replacement programme so that you can get the best results possible!

Success Coaching

It’s our decision, choices and habits that have lead us to where we are. whether it’s a couple of lbs over weight or a stone. Making little adjustments to your daily habits can have a massive effect on your results. When you work with on of our nutrition programme we will coach you every set of the way to success helping you make small manageable changes.

Come do a free weeks trial and then if you enjoy it and your see the benefit… Which you will then we will offer you 50% discount of the unlimited bootcamp programme!Book your free consultation