Below are all the comments that have been made and what we have done or are doing about them

Can we have new boxing gloves?

  • Yes they are in the bench’s, Santa has provided!

Can we have 50% CV or more?

How about a return to how bootcamp used to run?

More than 3 (I guess this is to do with workout but I am unsure)?

  • Yes and No… The workouts change throughout the year changing the challenge for your body and ensuring that if your giving your all you will progress. It’s important that we don’t get stuck in a rut. In this particular group of workouts (Jan to Feb) you will see a lean towards CV training… BUT if we always did this you would  a)get bored and b)plateau in your progress

You can only please some of the people some of the time what ever you want there is a bootcamper that wants the opposite so throughout the year we incorporate all training style so that everyone gets their turn 😉

Can we have the rowing machine again?

  • I’m sorry to say tat the rowing machine has not been written into the workouts this year. This is due to the space it takes up. Having the indoor cycle bikes at the end of the room has reduce both storage space in the Hall and workout space so we have had to place it upstairs for the moment…. BUT if you would like to use it I (Keith), am happy to write a rowing programme for you to come in and do. No problem!

Can we close the windows Please?

  • YES ;-)… Done

New music Please

  • I have not done this yet but will be buying more over the next week or so.

Please can we have new / more

  • Med balls
  • Matts
  • Over 20kg kettle bells

Med ball are purchased and in the hall right now as are new boxing gloves and pads. The matts will be our next purchase.

If you fell like you need a bigger kettle bell please come and see me so that I (Keith), can train you on the kettle bell and teach you some progressions / options that I don’t write into the bootcamps. I expect that you will quickly find that the 20kg is probably enough. If it’s still to light once I have shown you progressions and you have mastered them I will look to purchase a heavier one.


Hope this answers everything please feel free to add further to the comments box and where we can we will take action on them.

Keith, Clare and the ABC Team